Perfect place for a healthy lifestyle.

Vancouver is the perfect place to live. You get the perfect balance of city and nature. You walk through buildings and streets but in between you always have an amazing view of the mountains from up close. Also fitness in Vancouver is awesome.

Every block I walk I see a new yoga studio, an indoor cycling club, gyms, lagree, pilates and so much other stuff. Fitness in Vancouver is the best thing, you have indoor studios or you can workout around the amazing open spaces like Stanley Park.

Vancouver is the perfect place to have a healthy lifestyle or start creating one. The fitness world in Vancouver is great, you have amazing outdoor activities and different hikes around all the amazing mountains.

I am a person that enjoys working out and doing all kinds of out door activities. So I think I am in the right place and in the perfect time.

Since I came here I,ve tried to do different things and try new stuff out. I am enjoying  knowing new people, a new city, a new language and all kinds of new experiences. I have never enjoyed doing yoga back home in Mexico but decided to try it here. Since day one I`ve started doing it and now I just can`t enough.

I have also noticed that this place is perfect to begin with healthy eating habits, in every corner you find organic stores, vegan places, juice bars, acai bowl places, amongst other things. This helps out a lot in leading a better lifestyle. If you join together a fitness life and eating organic you`ll feel amazing in no time.

I can now say that for now, I am in the right place, excited to see whats to come. Sometimes I feel uncertain about what I want and what I need, but for now I am here to learn, travel and absorb everything life gives me.